Discover the off-beat, strange & haunted
attractions of the "Sunshine State"


We love the mysteries and legends that are associated with historical places, especially ones said to be haunted. While researching such attractions, we realized there is no website in existence dedicated to finding and displaying these types of locations.

So…..we built our own! Florida Fringe Tourism is the product of countless hours of research, interviews, and travel which has allowed us to exhibit the most strange, eerie and haunted attractions Florida has to offer.

Florida Fringe Tourism (or FFT, as we like to call it) is a family owned and operated company, not some off-shoot of a big tourism conglomerate. That means we can exhibit anything we want on our site … and we cater to the interests of our users. So expect to see some crazy, unique and off-beat attractions on this site!


Long time member of Peace River Ghost Tracker, Toni is an expert in the study of the paranormal. She has investigated many famous ghost sightings in Florida, including the old jail in St. Augustine and the haunted opera house in Arcadia.

Toni has always loved the strange & unusual, so she jumped at the chance to come aboard this project. Her research has been critical in the selection of locations to feature on our website. Read her articles.

MONICA Guttenfelder

Daughter to Toni Ray Land, Monica was born in southwest Florida and has lived there all of her life. Ever the nature lover, she has always loved the outdoors, and particularly loved the Everglades! Growing up, Monica always had a fascination with the unusual, and she shares in her mother’s fascination with the paranormal. She has always been especially interested in Florida’s strange history.

Monica handles research and customer relations for FFT, as well putting her endless creativity to work in brainstorming new features for the site. If you ask her, she’ll gladly tell you that FFT was “her idea”. Read her articles.


Originally from Missouri, Glendon moved to Florida when he and Monica became engaged in 2011. He has lived in many other places throughout his life, but Florida has quickly become his favorite. You could say he has fallen under the charm of this beautiful and mysterious state, and this interest has culminated in the creation of FFT.

Glendon is the marketing director for FFT, as well as the designer and builder of the website itself. Putting together a website of this magnitude was no easy task, but he has thoroughly enjoyed watching the immense amount of support the site has already garnered from fans. Read his articles.