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38 Braden Castle Dr.
Bradenton, FL  34208
Braden Castle Ruins

Dr. Joseph Braden, a physician from Tallahassee, moved to the Manatee River and acquired 900 acres of land on which he built a steam-operated sugar and grist mill. In addition to this, he also built a two story castle with 20 inch thick walls that stretched 100 feet into the sky. The Braden Castle (also known as The Braden Plantation house) was built with the labor of slaves, and became a stronghold against the Seminole Indians during the third Seminole War. The Seminoles attacked in February 1856, and while the inhabitants successfully fended off the siege, 14 slaves were dragged screaming into the night.

The structure was later deserted, and the effects of nature took its toll. Surrounded by cabbage swamp, the castle quickly became over-grown and dilapidated. Then in 1903, a fire destroyed most of the building, leaving only a few crumbling walls (which remain today).

Due to the violence that happened at Braden Castle over the years, it is known to be haunted. On several occasions, campers reported hearing strange noises from inside the castle walls. Others have heard the sound of labored breathing. The remains of the castle sits in the midst of a quaint, retirement community, and the neighbors welcome sight seers to the castle.

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  1. Jayson Cain says:

    Was curious if you are allowed on the property of Braden Castle to do paranormal investigating?

  2. Bill Jackson says:

    It’s a shame this historical building has been let to just rot away. I went and it’s all fenced in. You cannot touch or anything. All the old people nearby are friendly and watch you the whole time.

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