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Balm Wimauma Road
Wimauma, FL  33598

The Ghost Town of Balm

In May of 1902, the town of Doris was established in Florida and it lasted an amazing 24 days! On June 7, 1902, Doris was re-established as Balm. No reason is given for the sudden name change, but it stands to reason that there is a good story there…

Balm was a farming community that was established by the Hicks family, and growth was supported by the Sweat and Fox families. The first post office was the train station where they hung the mail in a bag outside of the depot, and the train would grab the bag as it passed by. The tracks are long gone but the train depot is still in use today as a small grocery store.

The post office was eventually moved, and is still a well known landmark in the area. It has been part of the community for over 100 years. It is listed as the Oldest Post Office in Hillsborough County.

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