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Ghosts of Kingsley Plantation
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11676 Palmetto Ave.
Jacksonville, FL  32226
Ghosts of Kingsley Plantation
Weekends: 11am - 3pm (please call ahead to book a tour)

The Kingsley Plantation was built by Zephaniah Kingsley in 1813. He and his wife Anna (one of his former slaves) lived a very comfortable life, and made sure their slaves lived in comfort as well.

Many ghost stories shroud this old plantation, most famous of which is Old Red Eyes. He is thought to be the ghost of a slave who was hanged after he raped and killed several of the female slaves. He manifests as two glowing red eyes, usually spotted in the rear view mirrors of people cars as they are leaving the property.

Anna Kingsley, former lady of the estate, still haunts her old home and is often seen in or near the main house. She is most often seen as a woman in white, and often appears in photographs. Another well known ghost manifests near the broken down remains of an old tabby house. Choosing two different forms, this ghost appears to “good people” as a lovely vision in white. Of course, if you are a “bad person” you will see a wolf with flames shooting from it eyes!

If a chance to see one of the many ghosts of Kingsley Plantation doesn’t make you want to visit, then the cost of admission will. It is free!

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