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Giant Head of Beethoven

Mighty Ludwig guards the entrance to the New University Pyramid Village, a community of futuristic tent-like condos built by a bunch of Austrians as a vacation resort. Apparently, nothing says “vacation” in Teutonic like a giant, scowling head of Beethoven.

The complex is tucked into an inconspicuous plot of land between a housing development and US 41. The pyramids, which are designed to be hurricane-proof and burglar-proof, were invented by engineer Walter Freller. The village opened for business in 2002, and a tiny Sphinx was placed in front of the giant head in 2003. To call it “strange” is an understatement.

As it turns out, the Beethoven head was a joke amongst the Austrians responsible for the pyramids. They said, “Now that we have Austrian pyramids, we need an Austrian Sphinx to go with them!” Thus, the Beethoven Sphinx was erected. Unfortunately, the residents are not wild about curiosity seekers, so please be respectful when visiting Beethoven’s head.

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