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Manatees in Florida | Florida Manatee Viewing Center | Tampa FL

The Florida manatee is an endangered species of mammal that needs warm water to survive, and when the waters of the Gulf of Mexico turn cold in the winter, they seek out this natural warm water supply outside the Tampa Electric facility on Tampa Bay. Manatees in Florida can be viewed at the Florida Manatee Viewing Center in Tampa FL from November 1 through April 15 each year. So many people come to Florida and wonder where to see manatees in Florida, or where the best locations are for viewing manatees in Florida. If you want to see manatees in Florida, then the best possible manatee watching Florida has to offer is the Florida Manatee Viewing Center near Tampa Bay.

If you love wildlife and you care about the endangered Florida Manatee, this incredible manatee viewing center in Tampa will offer you and your family hours of enjoyment. See hundreds of manatees in Florida as they congregate in the warm water of Tampa Bay. The Florida Manatee Viewing Center in Tampa FL offers free admission and free parking. The answer to the question of where to see manatees in Florida is answered right here, as hundreds of people enjoy viewing manatees in Florida right here where you find the best manatee watching Florida has to offer. The Florida manatee can make any vacation worthwhile!

6990 Dickman Rd.
Apollo Beach, FL  33572
Manatee Viewing Center
November 1st thru April 15th: 10am to 5pm

Since its inception, the Florida Manatee Viewing Center has grown from a collection of observation platforms into a 50-acre facility that has attracted more than 3 million visitors. Visitors can view Florida manatees that gather in the clean, warm water discharge canal outside the Big Bend Power Station when the temperature of Tampa Bay falls below 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Florida Manatee Viewing Center’s mission is to educate the public about the Florida manatee and its habitat. The center is a state and federally designated manatee sanctuary. During the center’s open season (November 1 through April 15) interactive exhibits teach visitors of all ages about the life cycle of the manatee and the challenges it faces.

“In addition to the Florida manatee observation platforms, the center features a tidal walkway that takes visitors deep into a mangrove habitat. Hundreds of varieties of birds, fish and other animals thrive here amid native coastal vegetation. The center also features an environmental education building, an expanded gift shop, the South Shore Café, webcams and more. Admission is free.

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