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The Miracle Wall
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6510 3rd Ave. West
Bradenton, FL  34209
The Miracle Wall

The Palma Sola Presbyterian Church is the home of a now famous brick wall where, according to many, you can see the face of Jesus mysteriously appear!

Maintenance workers at the Palma Sola Presbyterian Church in Bradenton got a surprise while doing a routine pressure washing of the building’s brick exterior. They found themselves face-to-face with Jesus … the beard, the halo, the spooky stare … there was no mistaking it.

The miracle wall was quite a blessing, but the church soon realized it had a problem: Jesus only showed up when the wall was wet! The church caretaker quickly grew tired of dragging out the hose every time a carload of pilgrims showed up. So, the church installed a sprinkler system to spray the eastern wall twice a day, and like clockwork, Jesus shows up every time!

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