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World’s Largest Confederate Flag
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World's Largest Confederate Flag | Florida Confederate Flag

As you drive down I-40 outside of Tampa, Florida, you can look to the west and see the world's largest Confederate flag, a proud, honorary tribute to the men who died in the Civil War defending their homeland. This Florida Confederate flag waves proudly, high above the land, where it can be seen for miles and miles. You can't miss it, as it is gigantic and bears the tremendously controversial rebel flag emblem.

This Florida Confederate Flag rises above the ashes of the Civil War battle grounds of the 1860s, placed here by the Sons of the Confederate Veterens. They claim this is the world's largest Confederate Flag, and as far as we can tell, they are right.

East Hillsborough Ave.
Brandon, FL  33510

World’s Largest Confederate Flag

The self-proclaimed World’s Largest Confederate Battle Flag is the centerpiece of a Confederate veteran’s memorial, erected in 2008 by Marion Lambert as a spit-in-the-eye to county commissioners who refused to acknowledge a celebration of Southern Heritage Month.

The giant flag is 50 feet by 30 feet, on a pole tall enough that the provocative symbol can be seen miles away on the interstate, and from surrounding communities. The Sons of Confederate Veterans insist it honors the courage of rebel soldiers who fought in the Civil War. The flag has accessible roadside parking.

A sign identifies it as “General Jubal A. Early Camp 556″. A small plaza is centered near a granite monument in front of the flag pole. It reads, in part, that the site is dedicated to the Confederate forces who “fought, bled and died in defense of their homeland against ruthless invasion and who strove to protect America’s birthright of Constitutional liberty & freedom dating from 1776.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans have plans to place another four giant Confederate flags around the state for their Flags Across Florida initiative.

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